About the Artist
April S.K. Parks has a BFA from the University of Louisiana at Monroe with concentrations in Graphic Design, Painting, and Ceramics.


Why "the Boared Raven"? Is the misspelling intentional?

This requires a small explanation. I'm a member of the Society for Creative Anachornisms. I use a norse persona with a name that roughly translates to "boar warrior, raven helm's daughter". Thus, Boared Raven.

Didn't you use to be the "Boaring Stag Workshop"?

The Boaring Stag Workshop was a join effort with my brother and my now ex-husband. I was solely responsible for the Celtic Creature designs, sculptures, stationery, hand-dyed feathers and original artwork. I designed & crafted most of the earrings and sterling pendents we sold as well as all of the sterling silver pieces. The Boaring Stag closed in 2012. I am the sole artist of the Boared Raven. My dear brother does help me out with Sales on the rare occassions I sell at festivals.

Do you really make all of this yourself?

Yes I do. My Muse is a fickle beast and loves to tackle new media. I do not craft as much chain jewelry as I once did as I injured my neck with the production schedule. I do a lot more drawing & painting these days.

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